Preventative Care

Many people seek my services when they’re desperate. They have tried everything and still suffer. I’m happy to work with anyone at whatever stage of discomfort–I love a challenge.

Rule of thumb, though: The longer a problem has existed, the more time it will take to turn around. Chronic issues become established, complex and difficult to unravel.  Acute conditions shift way more easily. Prevention is best.

Most of us keep our cars tuned for better gas mileage and to avoid major repairs down the road. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine tune the body’s systems for better health, vitality and immunity.

We each have a tendency toward a particular imbalance, a wobble to our wheel. Our constitutions confer strength and vulnerability. Chinese medicine can bring that wobbly wheel into better alignment.

Some illness originates internally due to constitutional, emotional and lifestyle factors (eg. poor diet and stress). Other illness invades from outside (eg. flu) and moves in deeper and deeper, unless treated promptly–especially in those with preexisting internal imbalance.

Injury lands in the external category. Acute illness and injury, if allowed to become chronic, will take residence like unwelcome guests who force accommodation. Because the body seeks balance, accommodation can cause further problems. For example, in an attempt to combat chronic inflammation the body might manufacture unhealthy cholesterol.

For chronic illness/injury: Regular acupuncture sessions alleviate symptoms and support the body’s natural capacity to heal.

For acute illness/injury: A few timely acupuncture sessions expedite healing and prevent chronic complications.

For prevention: Regular acupuncture sessions strengthen immunity and resolve internal patterns of disharmony before they give rise to physical disorder.

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