Dry Pajamas

Sweet Life Dry Pajamas warms and strengthens the Kidneys’ ability to control the Bladder; warms and supports the Spleen’s ability to transform fluids; nourishes Heart and Kidneys to allay fear and anxiety and control bed wetting. Good to use with Sweet Life Peaceful Dreams if there are also nightmares or terrors.

Indications: Anxiety, bed wetting.

Actions: Warms and tonifies the Kidneys; dispels Cold, stabilizes and binds urine; warms and tonifies the Spleen; calms Heart Spirit.

Contraindications: None

Dosage: 1 or 2 drops 3X/day and as needed during the night.

Based on the Chinese herbal formula Suo Quan Wan.

Contains Vibrational Essences: Yi Zhi Ren: Fructus Alpiniae Oxyphyllae Wu Yao, Radix Linderae Strychnifoliae Shan Yao, Radix Dioscoreae Oppositae Wu Wei Zi, Fructus Schisandrae Chinensis Honey Calcite

in structured distilled water, organic glycerin and (trace) organic vinegar.

Kidneys are susceptible to fear and shock. Those who feel vulnerable at night will often be unable to control urination because weak Kidney Qi lacks the strength to control Bladder Qi. Anxiety produced by wetting the bed further depletes Kidney Qi in a vicious cycle; also affecting the Heart in its special Fire and Water relationship with the Kidneys.

Strong Kidneys withstand fear and exert control. Robust Spleen Qi assists the Kidneys in proper transformation of fluids and trusting assimilation of the day’s experiences. Peaceful Heart allays anxiety and promotes restful sleep.

Sweet Life Dry Pajamas strengthens the Spleen and Kidneys’ ability to transform and eliminate fluids properly, while engendering confidence, trust, and calm.

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