Harmonic Light Body

Healing sessions in virtual format for those at home.

Pain and illness can ruin your day, limiting your capacity for work and play and affecting your ability to rest and sleep. Stress is exhausting and times are currently crazy.

Even though we can’t fix the world, we can work together to make your world a happier place. Would you like to enjoy greater comfort in your daily activities? Would you like more energy, resilience and strength? Want to boost your immune system? Improve digestion? Sleep better?

Imagine how feeling better would change your world.

Harmonic Light Body sessions draw upon my decades of training and exploration in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Reiki and other energy healing systems. Body, mind and spirit respond to activation in subtle energy fields, releasing discord and encouraging harmony and coherency.

Healing at the level of light is gentle yet profound.

Here is how Light Body sessions go: We have a chat (via Zoom) while you’re in your cozy chair or bed. After describing your problems you just relax and receive.

Pain should subside immediately, so we talk together until discomfort is much reduced or gone completely.

Secondary effects, like increased energy and emotional stability, may take a bit longer to reveal themselves.

Our whole time together takes about 40 minutes. Then, you rest awhile. This is when the magic happens.

Attention Lightworkers! As souls inhabiting human form on lovely planet Earth, we are currently experiencing profound transformation at an accelerated pace. Sometimes, in our zeal to help others we take on their karmic lessons, resulting in our own illness and trauma. Harmonic Light Body sessions clear discordant energies and bring in harmonic frequencies of peace and grace.

Recommendations for scheduling:

Acute pain / illness: Two or three sessions within one week, then reevaluate.
Chronic pain / illness: Six sessions within two weeks, then reevaluate. As condition improves, sessions are scheduled farther apart.
Immune system boost: Two or three sessions within two weeks.
Prevention / Maintenance: Monthly sessions.
Women’s Health: Biweekly or monthly sessions for three months, then reevaluate.

Enjoy your life! Reclaim health and vitality!

Special Introductory Offer

These introductory prices will be honored until September 21, 2020.

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 Schedule Herbal Consult:

You can purchase a Chinese herbal consult for $30, which includes a free follow up.

One Session


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