I grew up back East, in a time when children were free to wander and daydream.
California is now my home and nature still my inspiration.

I have always been curious about the energetic underpinnings of our world. What is really going on here? How can we work with subtle energies to promote health, growth and evolution?

It has been my honor and pleasure to practice my healing work over the years, in public health clinics and in private practice.

My formal credentials include third degree Reiki Master (1990), Licensed Acupuncturist (CA #6323, 1998), Teacher of the Seven Gateways (Aleya Dao, Dao Institute, 2011) and Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM #842265, 2019). NPI: #1871057265

I enjoy working in partnership with people and in concert with nature to promote health and happiness.

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